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Boat Lift Repair & Installation

Boat Lift Repairboatlift_rep_1.jpg
Marine Clean Safety & Prevention are Virginia Class “A” Marine Contractors.
Boat Lift Repairs should only be performed by qualified Marine Contractors.

F.A.Q: Should I repair or buy a new Boat Lift?

condition of the supporting beams? Is your current boatlift aluminum or galvanized steel? Boat lift repair must be done by aSeveral factors should be considered. Are the piles structurally sound to support the boats weight specifications? What is the qualified experienced Class “A” Contractor. Don’t trust the safety of your family or property to anyone who does not hold the highest credentials, Licensed, Insured and Bonded. Don’t take short cuts when considering a boat lift repair.

Boat Lift Repair Tip
Never Weld Aluminum Boatlifts. The innovation and development of aluminum boat lifts has come a long way. since there original introduction. Heat Treated 6061-T6 Type Aluminum is the only materials we use for Aluminum Boat Lift materials and installations. Our Experts know that welding is not an option for aluminum boat lift repairs. When aluminum is welded is can loose as much as 30-40% of its original strength. Our boat lift supplier is the leader in it's field with reserach an developement of Quality Aluminum Boatlifts and Parts. Trust the Team at Marine Clean for all your Galvanized Steel and Aluminum Boat Lift Needs.

boatlift_rep_3.jpgMaintenance Extends Life
What if someone told you that they had a idea that could help you save thousands on future boat lift repairs and eventually new boat lift installations? Marine Clean Safety & Prevention has a program that could do just that! We have a program that could keep your boat lift in perfect working order all year long! Learn more about Marine Clean Safety & Prevention’s Exclusive Maintenance Program at MarineClean.com/MaintenanceProgram.

Boat Lift Repair Trivia
The bottom cradle in a most boatlifts are the first to if not taken care of.
The good news is that the bottom cradle can usually be replaced 3-4 times before the cost of what a New Boat Lift and Installation would usually cost.

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