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Bulkhead Construction

Bulkhead New Installation

Marine Cleans Safety & Prevention are Virginia Class “A” Marine Contractors.
That means that we are highly skilled and have the financial backing and heavy construction equipment to complete major Bulkhead Projects. Our owner has been building revetments in the Va. Beach area for over 20 years.

F.A.Q I am considering a new timber Bulkhead. How long can I expect a new Timber Bulkhead to last?

bulkheadcon_2.jpgThe answer to that question depends greatly on who you ask. The Marine Clean Contractors agree that over the years, strict environmental policies and regulations have been placed on wood production and treatment plants. In an effort to protect the environment, strict codes have been placed on the production of ‘treated’ timber. High chemical and pressure Treated Lumber are the core materials used to build timber bulkheads.

50 years ago, the timber used for waterfront construction would last much longer than the timber available today. Years ago, the chemicals used to treat timber have been found to be hazardous to the environment, wildlife, plant life and even humans. Creosote piles were standard on the waterways. In our area, today, creosote products cannot be used.

Marine Clean shares in the concern to protect the waterways and tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay. Marine Clean supports the strict regulations. However, the advances to protect have led to a far less superior timber product. The timber being used in today’s waterfront construction projects cannot protect itself against marine borers and erosion for 50 years. Years ago, timber bulkheads were expected to last a long time. Today, the average life expectancy for a timber bulkhead is less than half of what it used to be.
(See Cleaning & Maintenance for keys to extend the life of timber piles and bulkheads.)

bulkheadcon_4.jpgBulkhead Tip
All is not lost if you are a fan of the vertical revetment. Advances in vinyl and other composite material offer a nice alternative to the traditional timber bulkhead. However, be sure to talk to the Pro’s at Marine Clean about your options. Some of the materials being offered on the market are still in the ‘testing’ phase.

Maintenance Extends Life
More so than any other area, Bulkhead Maintenance is key. Thousands of dollars can be saved by utilizing the Marine Clean Safety & Prevention Maintenance Program. Call Jack 757-619-6750 to learn more.

Bulkhead Trivia
Ask the experts. Ask 10 Marine Contractors what type of revetment would they install on their personal waterfront property? Most would choose Rip Rap (Rock Revetment) Most agree that a Rip Rap revetment (Rock) will last a very long time and requires very little maintenance.

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