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Bulkhead Repair

Bulkhead Repairbulkhead_rep_1.jpg

Major and Minor repairs are our specialty. We do a lot of repair work. In fact we often times suggest and recommend repairs when others companies are pushing for new installation projects. We are Virginia Class “A” Marine Contractors so you can rest assured that the job will be done right. We are licensed, bonded, and fully insured. Quality Workmanship and Incredible Customer Service are our goals. We care that the job is done right!

F.A.Q Can I get away with a repair, or do I need an entirely new bulkhead?
Very common question. Obviously the cost of a repair versus the cost of a new Bulkhead installation is very substantial. A site evaluation from one of our experts will help to answer that question. Our first option is always a repair solution. On site we review structure and erosion control issues. Minor repair permits are much easier to obtain than New Installation Permits.

Bulkhead Repair Tipbulkhead_rep_4.jpg
Don’t wait! Bulkheads that need repair should be on top of the list for household projects. Unfortunately, we often see bulkheads that are collapsing in the water. Collapsed Bulkheads will drive the Installation Cost of a new bulkhead up 20% or more. With the exception of a substantial hole in your homes roof, there are not many repair projects in the home that could be more costly than a new bulkhead installation.

Maintenance Extends Life
More so than any other area, Bulkhead Maintenance is key. Thousands of dollars can by utilizing Marine Clean Safety & Prevention Maintenance Program.
Call Jack at 757-619-6750 to learn more.

Bulkhead Repair Trivia
Timber Bulkheads are not lasting as long as they used to. Chemically treated wood has long been under attack by the marine environment and tougher environmental regulations have weakened the durability of this material. New, less effective chemical treatments needed to comply with regulations are causing marine structures built using chemically treated wood alone to deteriorate faster than ever before.

Living in the water next to your beautiful waterfront property is one of the most destructive pests on earth...the marine borer. These water-born termites eat wood to survive, destroying pier piles, and timber bulkheads with every bite. You will recognize the damage because at the water level, below the barnacle growth an hour glass formation on the pile will appear.

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Call Jack at 757-619-6750 for a Free Estimate and Waterfront Structure Evaluation.

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