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Pier Repair & Installation

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As experts in Virginia Pier construction, the Marine Clean Construction Team takes special care to build piers and docks with materials that suit environmental conditions, while staying within the budget for our clients.

F.A.Q What Type Of Material Should I Deck My Pier?
We can construct from a variety of materials that best suit our clients-needs. Pier and Dock decking choices should be a carefully thought out consideration for our clients. The Marine Clean Construction Team can help you decide what will best suit your needs. There are many choices to choose from.

Pier and Dock decking can be constructed of Treated Timber, Trex, Choice-Dek© or Ipe. All materials are high quality, and maintain our mission to meet the weather challenges faced by a Virginia Pier and Dock builder.

Choice-Dek© is a composite of recycled cedar wood and plastic polyethylene that lasts two to three times longer than traditional decking materials. It does not require sealing, staining or treating, is easy to clean and comes in a variety of colors.
Deck Spacing

If you live on the water in Virginia you know that we don’t need an ‘official hurricane’ to produce damaging high tides wind and storm surge. The dreaded Nor’easter has been causing problems for our clients living on Linkhorn Bay, and Broad Bay for many years. Because of our unique vulnerability to wind and storm surge, we construct our pier decking with 1/2 inch spacers. This will allow for water to come between deck boards during storm surge and minimize pile heaving and pier and deck damage.

Pier Decking Trivia
Did you know that some types of composite decking material actually hold heat? Heat holding composite material can make a barefoot walk on a pier a very unpleasant experience. Deck temperatures in the middle of summer can actually injure small toddlers feet. Call the experts at Marine Clean Safety & Prevention to find out what materials are ‘barefoot’ friendly!
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