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Pier Repair

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Marine Clean Safety & Prevention is committed to bring customer service back to the Virginia Marine Business. We specialize in Pier Repair. We offer unique solutions for damaged piers. Multiple options are explored to help our clients save money if possible. If structure integrity of the pier is sound, New Installation for damaged piers is not our first recommendation. Repaired Piers combined with our Maintenance Program can have your pier looking better than new in just a few short days.

F.A.Q: When should I be concerned about my Piers Structural Breakdown?
Marine Clean Safety & Prevention takes two points of view on this question.

1. Safety First: Like most structures on the water, exposure to the eliminates can take it’s toll. Minor deterioration is expected. However, neglected maintenance can lead to hazardous conditions for family and friends.
2. Early Detection: Piers that have Protruding pier decking, Missing deck boards, Rickety Stringers, Wobbly and Unstable Piles are all ‘early’ warning signs that repair is needed. If you're pier is showing early signs of wear and tear associated with being exposed to the elements, don’t ignore it, give us a call, it is time for repair.

Pier Tip
The need for a pier repair is like a tooth ache. Small symptoms show up early, but gradually, over time, if ignored, a small toothache can become a big problem. Waterfront Structures are the same. Example: A loose pile at the end of your pier is easy and inexpensive to fix. However, if that pile is ignored it could literally cause other piles to become loose and eventually, structural integrity will be compromised and structural failure will inevitably take place.

Maintenance Extends Life
What if someone told you that they had a idea that could help you save thousands on future repairs and new installations? Marine Clean Safety & Prevention has a program that could do just that! Learn More About Marine Clean Safety & Prevention’s Exclusive Maintenance Program at MarineClean.com/MaintenanceProgram.

Pier Trivia

Pleasure piers were first built in the England, during the 19th century. At that time the introduction of the railways for the first time permitted mass tourism to dedicated seaside resorts. However, the large tidal ranges at many such resorts meant that for much of the day, the sea was not visible from dry land. The pleasure pier was the resorts' answer, permitting guest to promenade over and alongside the sea at all times.

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Call Jack at 757-619-6750 for a Free Estimate and Waterfront Structure Evaluation.

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