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Rip Rap Repair

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Marine Clean Safety & Prevention Is You're Full Service Virginia Class “A” Marine Contractor. We have over 20 years experience working with Class A1 stone.

F.A.Q: Am I A Candidate For A Rip Rap Repair Job?
Rip Rap Repair projects replenish cavities and eroded area’s along the top layer of your rock wall. Improper installation of the foundation of a New Rip Rap revetment is the number one cause for cavities and depressions along the top layer. Timely minor repairs can prevent major repairs in the future.

Torn or ripped fabric (Filter Cloth) beneath the rock can cause rocks to sink into Cavities. Once cavities are formed, rock will slide into the cavities causing low depressions along the top layer. Weak unstable rock can actually be manipulated by storm surge and heavy tides. Cavities along your rock wall will actually deplete the integrity and structure of your revetment.

If you notice sinkholes, erosion, cavities, wobbly or unstable rock, you are a candidate for a Rip Rap Repair Job. Marine Clean handles all Permit Needs.

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Inspect your revetment regularly. Cavities and Erosion along the rock wall can cause dangerous sinkholes in your yard. Sinkholes warn that there may be a bigger problem below the surface. If cavities appear on either side of your revetment, call Marine Clean Safety & Prevention for a Free Professional Inspection and Estimate.

Maintenance Extends Life

Would you be interested to learn how to save thousands on future repairs and new installation? Learn More About Marine Clean Safety & Prevention’s Exclusive Maintenance Program at MarineClean.com/MaintenanceProgram

Rip Rap Trivia: The shape of the rock used on a Rip Rap Revetment is important. Coarse, angular rock, usually harvested from quarries by crushing or blasting, is more effective at ground reinforcement than round river rock. Flat or Round Rock may look nice, but is not as effective at dissipating energy as angular rock that is properly installed at a 3-1 slope.

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Call Jack at 757-619-6750 for a Free Estimate and Waterfront Structure Evaluation.

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