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About Marine Clean

Our Story

Maintenance Extends Life

We have a combined 25 years experience building Waterfront Structures, Bulkheads, Rip Rap,and Piers. We recognized years ago that many Marine Structures were failing and collapsing before their Projected Life Expectancy. We noticed that Home and Business Owners were spending a lot of Money for New Waterfront Structure Installations. The fact is, in many cases, this could have been delayed or prevented with a good Maintenance Program.

We all know that in many areas Maintenance Extends Life. A good Maintenance program benefits our Physical Health, Dental Care, Home and Auto Longevity.

Now, only Marine Clean Safety & Prevention offers a Patent Pending Maintenance Procedure. We provide the same care for our Clients Waterfront Assets. We are Experts at Extending The Life of our Clients Marine Structures. The benefit to our Clients? They Save Thousands!

Our Clients agree, a Professional Waterfront Maintenance Program makes good sense.

A Very Unique Company

Marine Clean Safety & Prevention is a comprehensive marine cleaning, maintenance, safety and waterway/land rescue operation headquartered in Virginia Beach. We have specialized in marine-related building, construction, inspection, service, repair and maintenance since 1989.

State of the art equipment

Marine Clean uses specialized vessels, equipment GPS satellite systems and other assets to handle marine construction, maintenance and repair, as well as waterway emergencies. We use only biodegradable, environmentally safe products and practices, in full compliance with all codes relating to waterway life, health and safety.

A proven, professional workforce

Marine Clean employs professional fire fighters - members of local, regional, and/or state chapters of the International Association of Fire Fighters. This work force is incomparable in training, expertise, integrity and water-related skills, including certified emergency medical training (EMT) and swift water rescue. We are proud to support and employ our region's firefighters.

A diverse roster of clients

Marine Clean is geared to serve a variety of clients, including municipalities dealing with important water quality, tourism, economic and environmental issues. Commercial clients include marinas, water resort complexes, waterway-based communities, and others with property, assets or services involving the care of marine resources. Residential clients include families with homes, vessels or boating property on the ocean, bay and navigable waterways.

"I was amazed at the job Marine Clean did on our dock, bulkhead and boat lift. Everything is immaculate and in top working order. I plan to have Marine Clean back every fall for seasonal upkeep."

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